Ultimate QR Code Resource Guide

I have compiled a list of references that I have found to be most useful here to provide you with direct access to QR Code generators, scanners, decoders, and trackers.

History of QR Codes

 Explore the journey that QR Codes have made over the last couple years and what their original purpose was when they were first created in Japan. Along with history comes the possibilities of the future and everything that QR Codes could turn into once consumers become more familiar and comfortable with the technology.


How To Make QR Codes

QR Codes are quick, easy, and free to make! It would be smart to take advantage of this marketing tool now, before companies start charging for generating, decoding, and tracking of your codes. 


Scanning QR Codes

Scanning QR Codes is the consumer's end of the deal. They are responsible for scanning the codes with their phone and then engaging in whatever the company offers on it's site. 

QR Decoding

The Decoding process is the most important part for the consumer, because that is what decides what the code leads to. Hopefully it is something rewarding, so that the customer will be more likely to spend money on the product or brand knowing they are getting some sort of a discount. 

QR Code Apps & Software

QR Code applications and software are important because they are what scan, decodes, and tracks the QR code. With decoding apps and tracking software, QR codes would not really serve a purpose, or exist at all.

QR Analytics & Code Tracking

QR analytics and tracking software is the most vital part for businesses and creators of the code. Analytics allows them to see the demographics of all their scanners. As well as which locations and presentation of the code worked best. If the statistics are low for a company, than they can take the new information and apply it to making their marketing campaign even better.