Social QR codes

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter;...

...if you have not heard of any of these, then you must live under a rock…just kidding! I think it is safe to say that social media has completely consumed the world. Making staying connected and sharing information a much easier and quicker process, people cannot help but get themselves wrapped up in the obsession. Starting out as way to stay in touch with friends and family, Facebook seemed simple until businesses saw it as a huge profit target and turned the personal network into a commercial network. People have literally made Facebook a valuable part of lives. It has become the main communication tool aside from cell phones, and even those have conformed to quick response messaging. Within a year or so, it has completely transformed from a friend network, into a way that companies and business could market their products and services.

Businesses started creating pages about themselves and their featured products, in order to reach out to the Facebook community. The only thing was that, in order to find the business page you had to do a manual search for it in the search bar. What purpose does a nicely put together page serve, if no one can see it? That is where QR codes come in, they allow people to see and access your page without even thinking about it or having to search for it. It is just like when you are walking in the mall and see an advertisement for a new store, and you are immediately directed into the store to check it out, but without that advertisement, you never would have known that particular store existed. Social QR Codes target people with similar interests to that particular product or brand, and then suggest that they follow other similar pages.

QR codes are placed anywhere there is a high volume of people, where and when the code is seen then scanned, it can lead to the companies website and/or social media pages. The consumer then has the option to “like” or “follow” you. On your social networking page, once you have a new follower, anytime you update your social media site, the news will pop up in all of your followers’ homepages. Every time your followers log on after a new update has been made to your page, they will instantly see it and be reminded of your brand.

A great way to really get your followers to view you social media pages everyday is to include special offers on your page to reward customers for visiting them. Social media sites are a great way to “spread the word” about your business and/or brand, because the sharing feature is so easy for subscribers to use with their friends. People love spreading good news about products and new brands they are interested in. They like it even better and feel more excited when they share how much money they saved scanning a QR code. Consumers love sales and discounts. QR codes make them even more satisfying experiences.

Social QR codes can also direct customers to a page where they can interact with the company directly through contact information and/or have the ability leave reviews about the company and it’s products. What a better way to learn about a company than be able to instantly read reviews and ratings simply by scanning a code. It can easily change the way you consume!

QR codes are not strictly to be used for businesses, I highly encourage groups, clubs, sports teams, and educators to adopt the 2D barcodes and create social media sites as well! They are a great way for clubs and teams to share information about meetings, practices, games, and get-togethers. For educators they share a more meaningful experience. QR codes can enhance the way kids learn and can actually benefit those who are stronger visual learners. QR codes combined with social media is something that is definitely here to stay and the benefits of the two technologies will only continue to grow is our technology driven world.