QR Code Uses

Originally from Japan and used to track car models from Toyota,

QR codes have made quite the transition within the last couple years. They have broadened the horizon for a lot of companies and businesses, as well as have paved the way for new learning experiences within schools and universities.

So what are these strange looking barcodes you have probably been seeing all over the mall and in magazines? Quick Response Codes, more commonly known as QR codes are 2D barcodes that when scanned can lead a consumer to websites, coupons, videos, and much more regarding the product or brand attached to the QR code.

Right now, there are bunches of different ways QR codes are being used around the world. Here are a couple of examples of what I have personally seen so far:

  • Nutritional facts on groceries
  • Magazine shopping
  • Payments on credit card and/ or bills
  • Movie trailer videos and synapse on movie posters
  • Coupons, special offers, free giveaways and promotions
  • Release dates and info on new products

I cannot express enough, what a vital tool QR codes are for companies and businesses to adopt and apply to their marketing strategies. The barcodes allow business owners and marketing directors to:

  • Reward their loyal QR code scanners
  • Report and keep track of traffic and demographics of people that scan their codes
  • Apply to marketing campaigns for a more efficient and effective reach to a target audience

These codes have been proven to increase profits and awareness for business around the world, which is why they have made such an impact on the United States. What a great way to stimulate the economy by using new marketing tactics to encourage consumers and then reward them for doing so. It is a win-win situation for all parties.

So we have seen briefly how QR codes are already being used in America, but what are the future possibilities of this technology? My personal opinion and knowledge of what I know these codes are already capable of, lead me to believe the possibilities are limitless. I believe generators and companies will continue to build on this technology seeing as it targets such a high channel of activity; cell phones and the Internet. I believe more and more teachers will take full advantage of using a new teaching style in their classroom and encourage their kids to learn through new interactive technology.