QR Code History

Denso Wave...

        ... was the first company to adopt and introduce The QR (Quick Response) Code in 1994. Companies needed a way to easily get a large amount of information out to their clients and customers. What better way than through “Quick Response” code? The 2D codes can easily be scanned and are capable of holding several 100 times the amount of information a traditional barcode can hold. QR Codes can hold text, a URL , or other data. The traditional bar code can hold 20 characters, while the QR Code holds 7089. At first, car manufacturers mainly used QR Codes as a way to track vehicle parts, but it was apparent that these codes had a future in the way information was passed from company to company and company to customer.

In 2002 Japan introduced mobile barcodes. The idea was to allow consumers to obtain product information by simply recording QR Codes, using the cell phone camera as a scanner. After scanning the QR Code with your phone, you would immediately be sent to a website with information about the product or company. Provided the phone had internet connectivity. 5 years later, 50% of the Japanese population was using QR Codes. 

Within the last year, QR Codes have become more popular in the US. They can be found on everything from the ketchup on your table to roofs of company buildings. Basically, companies put these codes on their products in order for their consumers to obtain more information, special offers, and promotions. They can be used to direct customers to a website, a digital business card, gather nutritional value on foods, or search prices. Real estate companies can have a code on a for sale sign which will lead customers to pictures of the home and all the realtors listings. The new marketing tool can be used to offer coupons or contests, the possibilities are endless. Most phones today come equipped with a QR Code scanner built in, if not, you can download from your providers app store. 

There are many websites that allow you to set up your own QR Code, just do a basic search online and you will be amazed at the amount of information. Custom looking codes are available with colors and company logos. Your code can be set up to play video, call a specific number, reveal text and open your web site, almost anything you can think of. Just when companies were running out of creative ways to market their products and services, QR codes shed light on the future of businesses!  

We are just seeing the beginning of QR Codes. As more and more of us continue to use smart phones, the need for immediate information is at an all time high. Eventually, QR Codes will be seen at every turn, grocery stores, restaurants, vending machines and vehicles. This is a marketing tool that has no boundaries.   

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