QR Code Analytics

So we have created, scanned, decoded, now what?

Google Analytics is a program offered by Google that will allow you to see the amount of traffic to your site and information about where your visitors accessed your site from. These reports will let you know if your QR Code marketing tactics actually worked or not. No QR code marketing campaign is accurate or beneficial without using analytics.

When creating your QR code you must include your marketing campaign name, source, and the medium. Applying these to your QR Code URL, gives you the capabilities of tracking and reporting the amount of people that scan your code. Analytics will then show you a monthly graph based on the amount of people who have accessed your site, how and where they accessed it as well. Having this information will ultimately give you direction with how your campaign should look and run.


  • Google Analytics is a free service offered to let you know where you stand amongst your competitors and the popularity of their websites
  • For a free service, the amount of information provided about your side is incredible. Analytics allows you to view the traffic to your page, keywords used in Google searches that are directed to your page, and your websites conversion rate.


  • Since Google Analytics is free, it does not offer too much when it comes to personalizing your reports, nor does it have direct customer service for any issues or errors you may come across.
  • As with any information sharing on the Internet, screenshots are taken by the hard drive for its internal memory bank. So all of your website and personal information is stored within Google. That can definitely be a scary thought knowing how easy it is these days to steal identities.

If choosing to make QR Codes a significant part of your marketing campaign, I highly suggest, using Google analytics to keep track of your QR code process. Regardless of the fear of sharing information over the internet, the benefits of analyzing your audience and loyal customers is what is really going to pay off in the long run!