Influence of Media and Technology:

Technology has always been one of the tings that the younger generations adapt to quicker than older generations. This is partially because older generations are most familiar with what they already know and tend to stick close to what they are most comfortable with. Since younger generations are the most likely to experiment with new technology they are mainly the target for product campaigns.

           Today’s young population is all about getting a lot done in a short period of time and having a quality outcome. Luckily the Internet and social media have made that possible for people all around the world. However, that is not enough! Now that the younger population has become comfortable and more familiar with social networking, they are looking for something new and fresh. QR Codes are one of the newest technologies that has integrated itself in social networking. Since people spend so much time on social media sites, there is and instant attraction to QR Codes. Not only to they make communicating and information sharing much more efficient but they also allow people to create with unique designs and inspire owner creativity. You have control over how you want your code to look and where you want it to lead. QR Codes can be completely personalized and individual. Standing out is a huge feature for a majority of the younger generations, and QR codes make it possible to really take advantage of making your social networking site much more unique. The codes also allows shoppers to browse and make purchases right from their cell phones. Shopping can be stressful enough with having to sort through a store and then face waiting in lines of people. QR code technology ceases all of the annoying parts of shopping.

           With today’s and the future younger generations, technology will always seek to make their experiences much more pleasant and efficient. Younger generations are usually the ones that influence the older generations into adopting new technologies. So targeting and pleasing the young crowd with ultimately benefit the older population in the long run.