Generating A QR Code

Why Create A QR Code?

Do you have a business (big or small), club, sports team, or even a classroom full of students? Then you can most certainly benefit from the uses of a QR code! Even if you are none of the above and still want to participate in the QR code craze, create a code about yourself and link it to your profile, personal blog, or social media site. Currently it is the biggest networking tool to work along side with social media, making connecting to others an even more interactive process

Process Of Creating A Code

You can virtually find any QR generator simply by using an Internet search engine. Some creators are free online, others are packaged with software that can provide many more options to customize building and tracking of your code. Once you have selected the generator or software you would like to use to create your code, select a content type. Content type refers to where and what your code directs scanners to. The most popular content types right now are website, text, SMS, email, and a phone number. After selecting your content, then submit any requested information to make sure that your QR Code is scanned and properly routed. If choosing to have your QR code lead to a website or social media page, make sure you have a short URL, if not use an online URL shortener. For those who are unaware of what a URL is, it is the address to your website, or specific webpage you want the QR code to lead to. Shortening the URL cleans up the QR code, so that when it is scanned it can quickly locate its destination. Longer website URLs make the information sharing process slower, therefore defeating the “Quick Response’ purpose. Once your URL or content information is entered, then chose the size you want your QR code to be choosing from small to large. If you are looking for a code on the smaller side, consider creating a Micro QR Code. After all of your code information is submitted, hit the generate button and instantly watch the QR code form in seconds. Download the image to your computer and begin sharing your new 2D code!

What To Do With The Newly Created QR Code

So you have finally created your very own QR Code, now what to do with it? When downloading your newly created QR code to your hard drive, make sure to place it on a flash drive as well for back up. Doing so, allows you to bring your QR Code to a printing company and have the code printed on various merchandise. Once you have copies of your code printed on different materials, now it is time to share it with other! Depending on the content of your QR codes and the information you are sharing that will ultimately decide where you should place your QR code, so that it may reach the audience it is intended for.

QR Code Generators And Their Purpose: