Communication Technology Timeline

Communication is probably the biggest part of our lives, as children it is how we tell other what we do and do not like, when we get older it is how we tell people we care for them or do not care for them, and for businesses it is how companies stay in touch with their consumers needs and desires. These are examples of only a few things communication is needed for and capable of. With all the new technology available, communication is how we learn and express our opinions and concerns for certain products. When looking back, it is amazing to see jut how far communication has come since verbal communication being the only channel available.

Here are some are some communication inventions that I believe to be the most significant to what we still use today:

           1440- The Printing Press was invented in Germany by Johannes Gutenberg. The printing pressed was created as a new way for copying and printing books. It was a machine that used metal templates and ink in order to mass-produce books in an efficient manor. Allow the Printing Press was created centuries ago, it is still the basis for what we use today to print newspapers, magazines, and books. Newspapers being the most popular way of sharing current events happening in a local area, nation wide, and/or worldwide. It is extremely important for people to stay up to date with what is going on in the world, and newspapers make that possible. The Printing Press is what makes producing newspapers possible, so it is a full circle back to 1440, no matter how advanced we are in technology today.

March 10th, 1876- The Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas Watson. The telephone, which is still used today, but more commonly in a wireless form, is the main channel for communication between friends, family, and coworkers. It is a much more personal form of communication because it only involves the people you choose to share your telephone number with. Cell phones, branched off from the telephone invention have become a way of life for a majority of the world. It is a way for people to stay in touch with family and friends far away and also a way to work from home or on the road. Cell phone technology has opened up into a new world of wireless communication and offers much more than just verbal communication.

1936- the first programmable computer was invented by Konrad Zuse in Berlin Germany. It is simply amazing how much the design and use for the computer has changes over the last couple decades. It is almost impossible not to find at least one computer in each household in America. Computers, like cell phones have also altered the way we converse, not just verbally but through social media, email, and even video conferences. It has made limited travel for businesses as well as ordinary people, possible. Keeping track of data and records is one of the main reasons computers were invented and is still to this day, their most important feature next to the use of the internet. 

1989-1991- Tim Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web in Switzerland. Now the Internet is probably one of the most important inventions of all time. It has almost ceased the need for paper and physically material documents. It has been data recording, researching, and printing all digital, quicker to access, and more efficient to process. The Internet has completely changed the way we retrieve and share information.

2003-2006- Different forms and Social Media sites were created– (Linkedin Friendster 2002, Myspace 2003, and Twitter 2006) Social Media technology and networking sites have made staying connected with friends and family are more realistic and pleasant experience. Traditional forms of communication are either fading out or conforming to social networking. Cell phones have now made accessing the Internet and social media accounts possible simply by pressing a button. The activation is almost instant and allows you to connect and share with people all around the world. Companies and businesses have also adopted social networking accounts as a way to stay in touch with their consumers and advertise their products and services.

1994- Denso Wave created QR codes and were the first to use them in business production. The car company used QR code to track vehicles. While today the 2D barcodes are being used to marketing companies and share information between organizations and consumers. The new barcode technology has integrated the Internet and social media for an all around virtual shopping experience.

So what is next for us? Flying cars? Who knows! Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace over the last couple decades and will continue to become more advanced and consumer friendly, especially communication technology.