About Me
I wanted to spread the word about these QR codes and encourage businesses as well as customers to make the code an important part of their consuming process.

Communication Technology Timeline
Technology Timeline: Overview of how Techonology has rapidly changed the way we communicate with others and obtain information.

Generating A QR Code
Learn how to create your very own QR code.

Influence of Media and Technology
Technology Influecne on Young Generations: Some great examples on how techonology targets younger generations for new innovations.

QR Code Analytics
Discover how Google Analytics can track QR codes for you.

QR Code Apps
Learn how to find, choose, and use a QR code app.

QR Code Dangers
People always seem to find faults in everything, so I am sure it is only a matter of time before the possible dangers of QR codes are exposed.

QR Code History
Denso Wave was the first company to adopt and introduce The QR (Quick Response) Code in 1994.

QR Code Tracking
Here is a step-by-step guide to how to track your QR code.

QR Code Uses
Originally from Japan and used to track car models from Toyota, QR codes have made quite the transition within the last couple years.

QR Code Scanning and Decoding
A step by step explanation of what to do with QR codes.

Social QR Codes
Learn about social media applications for QR codes.

Ultimate QR Code Resource Guide
A list of references that I have found to be most useful here to provide you with direct access to QR Code generators, scanners, decoders, and trackers.

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Free Graphic Organizers and Mind Maps for Teachers

Unlock Your Personality Code