About Me

Born and raised in Stockbridge, Mass,...

        ...I have two older brothers whom have moved to New York within the past couple years to raises families of their own. My mom and dad still reside here in Mass and are blessed to have me back in the house with them haha. I suppose as a kid I was always extremely interested in new technology, but sports were and are still always my main squeeze! As a majority of the Mass population, I am a die-hard Red Sox fan! I make it to about 3 home games each season and am an avid watcher on the television when I cannot be at the rest of the games. Go Sox!

Aside from my small hometown upbringing, I just recently graduated from WVU with a major in Computer Engineering and a minor in Business. People do not lie when they say those are the best years of your life! Everyday I wish I could be back in my dorm worrying about nothing but a test and if the sox are going to beat the Yankees that night. After graduation I moved back here to Mass to pursue a career, which I have put on hold in hopes that I may go back to get my masters. Because the job market is so tough, I see myself having a better opportunity with a higher degree in education. While I sit on my decision to either go back to school or to throw myself into the job market, I am very content at my part-time job with Apple. That is wear my QR code fascination all started! Slowly I began to see these strange codes popping up all over the mall, then in magazine, and restaurants! During work I was able to fiddle around with the scanners on the IPhone and quickly realized the effectiveness of these small codes. They fascinate people, which is why consumers are so drawn to them in the first place, then they instantly reward you for scanning the code, what a pleasant experience!

As of now, I have been working on a couple small projects, this being my biggest. I wanted to spread the word about these QR codes and encourage businesses as well as customers to make the code an important part of their consuming process. For once, business marketing is not just one sided, but also provides many benefits for the consumer. Of course with marketing, the most important thing is to please and reward your loyal customers, QR codes do exactly that and more!

In five years from now, I would like to see myself with a steady job in computer science or technology education. Preferably a job close to home, where I already feel settled down. I see QR Codes completely changing the way we shop, pay bills, share pictures and videos with friends, and just totally change the channels of communication.

Call me a nerd, but my momma raised me a helpful person so sharing this new technology with you, is a pleasure of mine! Technology is my forte and one day maybe I will look into turning technology education into a full time profession. For now, I start with this resource, and hope it builds into nation wide craze! Enjoy!